Core Veil & Awakening to Being Awareness

Prerequisite: Omega

Within the VortexHealing viewpoint, the sense of separate self, or separate ‘I’, is a Divine ‘set-up’ – a trick intended to deceive us. That which IS, which we also call Divinity, has somehow managed to generate for Itself an experience of separateness and individual identity.

To generate this false sense of identity and hold it in place, Divinity:

  • Needed to find a way to ‘veil’ Itself from Itself, to experience Itself as if it were separate. This seems to be no simple feat.
  • Created dimensions, consciousness, life itself, a maze of Divine structures, and various levels of ‘veils’ that could maintain a sense of separation and hold the consciousness of ‘I’.

For the initial movement of awakening, what needs to move is a veil called the Core Veil, which sits in the center of the human heart and acts as a reference point for the sense of separate ‘I’ for both the human and incarnated personality.

  • Part 1 of this class facilitates the breaking down of that Core Veil. We say that the breaking down of the Core Veil creates ‘basic awakening’, because the basic sense of ‘I’ disappears from the center of the heart. After this ‘basic awakening’, when you examine ‘who’ it is that is having your experience, you no longer find a someone, a separate sense of ‘I’. That familiar someone was an experience generated by the Core Veil, which is gone. This changes everything. Ironically, because there is still so much conditioned I-consciousness left over (that grew out of the ‘I’ of the Core Veil), you tend to still experience yourself much as you did before. Everything changes and most everything stays the same. It is as if you had been living in the middle of a complex dream of being a particular someone, and suddenly a permanent window appeared in your heart center that opened into something beyond the dream. The dream continues, but whenever you look into that window within the dream (which goes with you wherever you go) your sense of being a particular someone in that dream disappears into a greater truth.
    This is basic awakening. Before, there was only the illusionary experience of someone-ness. Now, there is the realization of something else, but all memories are still of being that someone. Everything is different and yet everything feels much the same. This is neither the end of awakening nor a flowering into perfection and bliss. Rather, this is the beginning of a new process that rarely aligns with the seeker’s expectations. Not surprisingly, most beings find ‘basic awakening’ confusing for some time. The process is about bridging awakening to the areas of conditioned consciousness that are not yet awake, a process called embodiment. The awakening that has already occurred deepens.
  • In Part 2 of this class, we deepen the awakening and practice embodying it. The deepening takes us through two more levels of awakening:
  • The first is a movement we call Awakening to Being Consciousness (also called Awakening to Emptiness). This is a broader awakening out of the sense of personal, and a deeper level of awakening to the freedom of consciousness itself. In Awakening to Being Consciousness, the ‘window’ described above fills your whole field, and it becomes clear that all the dramas of your life arise in consciousness and that you are that space they are arising within. This permanently creates in your consciousness a place where you can recognize that you are free from the hooks of these dramas. This awakening still needs to be ‘embodied’ in daily life or it just becomes background awareness rather than the place from which one is living.
  • The next movement to a deeper level is Awakening to Being Awareness. In the earlier experiences, you were awakening out of the illusion of who you thought you were. Now you begin to awaken to what you are beyond consciousness. Where Awakening to Being Consciousness feels like the vast silence and emptiness of consciousness, Awakening to Being Awareness feels like Awake Beingness, the essence of What Is. Awakeness Itself within Consciousness begins to sense the echo of Itself everywhere, within everything. As with all true awakenings, this awakening is now permanently present. Again, one must embody it in daily life or it just becomes background awareness rather than the place from which one is living.
  • The are other awakening movements in this class, including breaking down the Core Me Veil, which holds a lot of ego structure in place and a lot of body tension.

It should be pointed out that although all spiritual awakening happens purely by grace when a spiritual seeker has become sufficiently ‘ripe’, the Divine source of our lineage has been manifesting this ripening in students by grace from the first day of the Foundational Training. By the time a student takes this class, he or she is sufficiently ripe. The very same grace that has facilitated this ripening ensures by Divine intention, that anyone who takes this class loses their Core Veil in class.

A ‘healing’ perk for this class is that everyone gets their karmic body ‘Reality Shifted’ which creates a huge unloading of karmic debris and conditioning, significantly lightening the ‘weight’ of the karmic baggage in the system. Another large perk is that our 4 Functional Centers are strengthened and optimized.

To help clarity in life, a ‘Truth Line’ gets established in the consciousness and energy system, which makes it easier for students to ‘recognize the truth’ when they are trying to sense what is truly happening, whether in a healing session or their life in general.

Cautionary Notes:

  • Because the breaking down of the Core Veil and the movements of Awakening to Being Consciousness and Awakening to Being Awareness are a loss of major ego-identity, what is left of the sense of someone-ness may have various kinds of emotional reactions. These reactions may range from great joy to great loss or confusion, or there may be little subjective reaction at all.
  • People have a great many preconceptions and expectations about the nature of awakening, which almost always turn out to be false.
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