Karmic Intensive

Prerequisite: Magical Structures

This class generates a very intense karmic acceleration and evolves the energy system. Students will practice a Vortex meditation specific for this class which creates a lot of movement in the karmic body and uses VortexHealing tools to catch up the system to the movements created by the meditations. The class helps students to develop awareness of the vital web, which promotes the development of their psychic awareness in general and tuning into the energy systems of clients.

Earthshift & Energy System Intensive

Prerequisite: Magical Structures

The class gathers a large number of Vortex students together and uses the power available from our lineage to facilitate movements in the consciousness of the earth and in the field of human consciousness. Because students’ own bodies and consciousness are part of that shift, their energy systems experience a significant acceleration from participating. This energetic development happens for newer students and the most advanced ones, and the same degree of development is there each time a person participates in an Earthshift. These Earthshifts are supported by the Angelic Realm. An angel comes into each student’s spine while they meditate, intensifying all the energetics, to facilitate the movement of the Earthshift and the energetic development of the student. The experience of having this kind of movement unfold through your system is often inspirational.

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