Prerequisite: Multi-Frequency & Merlin’s Jewel

While Multi-Frequency works by channeling energies and frequencies to release stuck areas in the system, LifeForm works solely through channeling consciousness. This class helps your consciousness and heart engage in a deeper dialogue with the intelligence inherent in all life.

The LifeForm transmission enables you:

  • To channel the consciousness of Perfect LifeForm for the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, or karmic body, or all of them together.
  • To awaken various energetic bodies to their true nature, free of conditioning and concepts. This awakening releases the conditioning, for it is now recognized as ‘not-self’. The energetic bodies become purer vehicles for the expression of different aspects of our human experience, and this enables us to experience, through our humanness, the beauty of divine expression through form.
There is also psychological & chakra LifeForm

Mantras are a way of expressing different aspects of divine consciousness through sound. A Mantra Transmission is given in this class, which enables you to channel:

  • A mixture of Hindu, Tibetan, Kabalistic, Angelic and Thnguu mantras.
  • Special Vortex mantras, Divine Truth mantras, and the Merlin mantra, sending different mantras to different systems, according to Merlin’s divine intelligence.
  • A mantra that can be added to Vortex crystals and directed to particular body areas or into the body as a whole.

A composite transmission called Rainbow is also given. This enables you to channel:

  • LifeForm, Mantras,Oneness Frequency, and a certain amount of Divine Lines all at once, with a single intention. Rainbow can be programmed to run in the background while you sleep.
  • All Energetics from Multi-Frequency with the composite transmissions as well

There are also 5 new forms of Vortex that specifically work on each of the energetic bodies: the karmic, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They greatly deepen the energetic movement there. There is a completely different kind of transmission, for a healing tool called Energetic Intervention, which helps to move physical blockage. It is the only VortexHealing tool that can reopen subtle meridian pathways that have become so blocked that they have shut down.

Other Classes: Prerequisite LifeForm.

InterDimensional Vortex
Angelic Heart I

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