Magical Structures

Prerequisite: Foundational Training

Building on the evolution of the student’s system from the Foundational Training, the Magical Structures transmissions enable the student to work with various healing practices:

  • Magical Energetic Structures made of “wizard thread”. These can be placed:
    In a body to improve the functioning of an organ or system. They can reduce side-effects of drugs, help grounding, facilitate sleep, or work through issues. They can mimic acupuncture or Jin Shin, create ‘Dosha’ balancings, or create Body-Mind Wakeup treatments.
  • In a house or room to alter the feeling-quality of the space. They can restructure the flow of energy and consciousness in offices or homes; make them more efficient, relaxed, and harmonious. The possibilities are endless. They can also energize a room.
  • Vortex Crystal-Grid Release. You learn to pop up special magical structures called “Vortex Crystals”, that act as a second energy source, and place them:
  • In your own or someone else’s field, to energize or release blockages by working with the energetic blueprint of a problem. This works well for emotional and mental bodies and performing healing at a distance.
  • To create more power for self-healing or working on others. Once activated they can run on their own, so you can use them to do treatments on yourself while you sleep.
  • Merlin’s Global Healing Grid. This amazing Healing Grid, a global magical structure created by Merlin, enables you to participate directly in Earth Evolution.

A Magical Structures level student can use the Healing Grid:

  • To release a town’s karmic accumulation on that area of the earth in less than 10 minutes. The change can be quite striking and can be done at a distance.
  • To work on personal issues for yourself or others.
  • To perform ‘pujas’ for yourself or others that harmonize a person with transiting planets and help to alleviate negative astrological influences, or for special events or issues, or to do Ayurvedic ‘Dosha’ balancings.
  • Open Vortex Spaces: These special magical structures can be put around rooms, houses or cities, to create a higher vibratory space.
  • Advanced Energetic Hookups to the Vital Web: These enable you to connect to anything in creation, for healing. You can work much more directly and deeply in a person’s energy system or improve the sound of musical instruments.
  • Vortex Meditations Specific for Karmic Acceleration & Evolving the Energy System.

Other Classes: Prerequisite Foundational Training.

Karmic Intensive
Earthshift & Energy System Intensive
Sensing 1: Psychic & Consciouness Development

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